My story so far


Hello, my name is Dion. I created Tasteful Tartans several years ago, and I’m involved at every level – from creating new designs, to promoting our bags around the globe. I was born in the highlands of Scotland, and have always been inspired by Scotland’s natural beauty. This is the story of why I created Tasteful Tartans, and why we make our bags the way we do.

It all began when I bought a new Harris Tweed bag. I’m proudly Scottish, and I’d much rather buy an expensive item and have it last for years, than support the modern throw-away culture. This bag seemed like the perfect choice…

Then, after a few months it started to fall apart. Looking closer, I realized that the bag was made abroad. What had looked like leather piping was actually plastic, and rather than looking better with age, it frayed and broke. The tweed lasted well, being the only piece of quality material, but what use was that when the rest fell to pieces around it?

This experience set me on a mission. I looked into other so-called ‘Scottish’ bags, being sold all around the globe, and found a similar story of poor quality and lack of true Scottish roots. I also realised how the hundreds of beautiful, subtle tartans, which reflect the colours of the wild landscape, are neglected in favour of one or two overly-familiar red designs.

So, Tasteful Tartans was born, with the aim of hand-making elegant, contemporary bags, right here in Scotland, using nothing but the finest materials. Our bags are built to last, from fine leather, suede, and a wide range of genuine woollen tartans. Each bag is lovingly constructed over a number of days, ensuring the highest standard of workmanship.

As you appreciate our designs, you will see that the tartan is not just thrown in as an after-thought. The design is created around the tartan, respecting its pattern, and how the elements repeat and interact. We believe we are currently the only bag designers making the very best of tartan in this way. If you have a particular favourite or family tartan in mind, we can create a bespoke design just for you.

The final touch of luxury is the soft and durable suede lining, often in a vibrant complimentary colour. Every time you open one of our bags, this rich colour is a pleasure for the eyes. The inner includes a series of internal pockets, perfectly suited to protecting your mobile phone, and other valuables.

When you buy one of our bags, you know it is going to last. The leather will only look better with age, and every part of the design is similarly durable. If you do suffer any accidental damage to the bag, we even offer a repair service.

We already have many ideas for future products. We will be introducing them gradually over the coming months, so make sure you sign up to our newsletter.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story.